is situated on the first floor. The kitchen has a high quality with European hygiene-standard.  Our service is friendly and gives you the feeling you are home. The staff have been working many years for us and they know how to treat the customers.​

​Our restaurant has 2 Balcony's. At the fronside you have a view over the street and the other side has a view over the pool.  Make a choice out of our menu, while you enjoy a drink.  The staff is ready to welcome you and they will do everything to make your evening a succes.  In our place you can eat typical Turkish, but also we serve European / International food.  We have a large variation in steaks. served how you like them: rare, medium or welldone?

For daytime we have a wide Lunchmenu.

Children have their own Menu

In our restaurant the food is delicous. Everything is prepared in a hygienic, fully airconditioned kitchen. The products are daily fresh.

You can make a choice out of 16 starters, 20 meatdishes and 10 fishdishes. All dishes are served with 1 Vegetable and a choice of Potatoes. You are always welcome in our Kitchen.

Something special!!  

Try our 

4- and 6-courses  surprise-menu!​

​Also possible in combination with Wines​

When the need is high;  we  serve also sausages,  krokets,  sate  and English breakfast.

As deserts we have several kinds of icecreams, (we work with  "Carte d'Or"),  fruits, Pastry, Crepes, Choclate Fondue or special coffees, with or without alcohol.  The coffee is made out of Dutch ingredients.

​We have a modern computurised coffee machine, which also makes fresh American, Cappuchino. Latte and Espresso.

There are also Turkish aperatifs like Raki.  This is a spirit made from anis and has 45% alcohol.  It's a little bit the same as the pernod from French and the Ouzo from Greece.  Raki you drink it mixed with water. When you put water to the raki the color change from clear to white.  Turks drinks it very often in combination with fruits.                                             



  Since 1996

CONNY's  Boutiquehotel

is in the same building. 12 nice decorated 

Close to the Beach and Side Centre.

Rooms with everything you need.

​          ©    1996-2020  Copyright Connys Side Turkey​.  Conny's is a romantic Restaurant in Side with high Hygiene and our speciality is Steaks

                           International Food; High Service; Affordable Prices. We are opposite of Side Football - Stadium.   See you again in 2020

Lovely Breakfast, Tasty Lunch and special Dinners. Stop by for our varied Menu and enjoy our nice Steaks, Fish & Speciality's

Come join us daily from:

09:00 -23:00

Bar is open from 19:00 - 01:00


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